In light of South Africa’s sovereign debt rating being downgraded to junk status, our economy is expected to be placed under immense pressure as a result, with some experts forecasting an impending recession.

This is generally bad news for all South African’s with much belt-tightening expected on the horizon. Like everyone else, the recent developments, that have had a serious impact on our economy, concern us too. Gawk being Gawk, we prefer to extract the positives from bad situations and make them work in our favour.

The good news is, FSD (our amazing modular display system) is now more relevant than ever, and we are noticing a distinct trend: FSD sales and enquiries are on the up, our staff are being pushed to the limit and our factory smoke stacks are grunting like never before (not entirely true, we don’t really have smoke stacks; our technology is clean).

Why is FSD getting its mojo back? People are realising that the days of extravagant spend on expo and display collateral are a thing of the past. Budgets need longer legs, peripheral costs (that offer no value, like logistics and storage) need to be cut and often cut-out! Marketers are looking for solutions that are re-usable, versatile and light on the pocket.

Enter FSD – A recent experience I had with one of our best clients (who always holds me to account on pricing, and rightly so) illustrates the fact that FSD is the most prudent marketing decision you can make – especially in a depressed economy like ours. It goes like this: our client has a minimum of 15 exhibitions planned in the next 3-4 years, their stand space is typically 27sqm. We quoted them R75K for an FSD stand.

Expensive right? Wrong. In the years to come, the clients’ actual spend on their display hardware (without changes or additions) will be on average R5 000 per show! A very different prospect, right? Did I mention that the client will be able to use their existing hardware in no less than 10 other configurations?

If you want to know how this is possible, give me a call, I’d be happy to save you an immense amount of money, put a smile on your face and make your competitors Gawk!

Some great news: we have moved to newer and bigger premise. Our new address is Unit 7, Sable Industrial Park @ Pomona, 13 Pomona Rd, Kempton Park. Our other contact details have remained the same.

Sandro Corrado