Jul 2016

Toys R Us

When it comes to retail marketing, it is well known that if you can convince a child about a product you want to sell, you’re 80% on the way to convincing their parents to open their wallet.

There is nothing in the world that excites a child more than stepping into a toy shop, where their dreams, fantasies and aspirations can be found in all their tangible glory in one magical place.

How can we possibly take this magic to another level?

To make the toys come alive!

We had to remind the kids why they are there in the first place. After all, the aspiration to become the next Marvel superhero came from somewhere, didn’t it?

Toys R Us was on the money when they recognised that very fact. They needed a solution to bring the very static nature of a toy store and bring it to life. They recognised the importance of reinforcing the media that drew the child into the store, in conjunction with the merchandise. The Spiderman action figure is just so much more convincing for both parent and child if they are reminded what Spiderman is actually capable of.

The Solution:

  • Gondola headers with integrated mini LCD screens were designed using our FSD system.
  • The mini LCD screens streamed content related to the particular brand that was being promoted.
  • Essentially Toys R Us managed to transform a usually static merchandise-packed-shelf into a world of character and animation.
  • The link between the media and the merchandise was created, ensuring a better informed purchasing decision for the consumer.