Liquor City’s branding has been synonymous among the South African public for more than 20 years.. The decision for a rejuvenated brand was made to keep up with changing market trends as well as to carry the brand to its full potential. GAWK Visual Engineers was bestowed the honours and took on the job with great gusto.

The design challenge

The client firstly wanted to streamline and ensure their brand was consistent throughout their stores, but also felt it was time for their logo to be updated. The challenge was essentially: change without change. They required a fresh design, however the change needed to be subtle.

The iconic Liquor City bottle still needed to feature in the logo; it’s how Liquor City is identified.
However, the lettering had to change for a more updated, modern look. Modernity and cleanliness in the font that would allow for easier reading.

The Liquor City bottle was outlined with two bold and defining stripes which added emphasis, as well as a pop of colour.

The Chappies chewing gum wrappers from the early 90’s inspired the Liquor City logo in terms of colours, with the distinctive red, yellow and blue reflecting this. Staying true to humble beginnings – the Chappie wrapper look is now also back! These wrappers have been reintroduced to give the brand a more familiar feel and to be used within their marketing and signage.

You will spot these new Liquor City elements in their stores soon!

The Liquor City Logo Journey

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