Humans are visual creatures. In fact, vision trumps all our other senses in our perception of the world. When we see something good-looking or interesting, our brains react to it. We are physiologically hard-wired to feel rewarded by beauty and motivated by novelty in our field of sight.

When it comes to marketing, this visual disposition of mankind needs to be appreciated. (Yup, promotion is ultimately all about tapping into the primal and predictive traits of our species!)

This also applies to the display architecture your business uses in retail or exhibition areas. All your display products need to fulfil not only a functional role – like communicating brand information or providing a packing surface – they also need to captivate people visually. Anything from a tradeshow booth, to a wall mount, to a pull-up banner needs to woo your audience. (Think of it as a girl, trying to impress the object of her affection with her appearance!)

When looking at your business’ display hardware, a positive response should be triggered in the mind of your potential clients – especially if you want them to remember and have a positive emotional connection to your brand. (They are the ones that need to “fall in love with” and “start pursuing” you.) Looks might even be more important to sales than the actual qualities of your products. (And for safety reasons we won’t take the analogy any further at this point.)

Expert visual engineers should successfully manage this crucial, sensory aspect of marketing for your business. We are the “matchmakers,” so to speak, between companies and potential clientele.

In display marketing, offering good looks and originality to onlookers also entails staying on top of trends. Therefore, we are constantly researching what is happening out there in the exciting sphere of display technology.

How to put on display in 2017

Display trends (the latest way to show off what you’ve got) are advancing every year as new technology and innovation lead the way.

Here are some of the current developments we have noticed in the industry:

  • Digital, multi-graphic boards are increasingly claiming the place of traditional advertising billboards.
  • Interactive touchscreens at points of sale or exhibitions are quite hip at the moment.
  • Tradeshow booths are modernising with LED lighting and backlit display signs.
  • For indoor or outdoor signs in retail areas, with-it businesses are increasingly featuring custom LED signs.
  • LEDs, however, are not the newest cool kid on the block anymore. Add the “O[h]!” factor and you have an OLED (organic light emitting diode). These ultra-thin, feather-light electronic screens are all the rage at this stage! They could even be curved (e.g. to form a domed roof or fit into an arched wall in your display area), although they are then technically called FOLEDs (flexible organic light emitting diodes) – but that is enough additions to this acronym for now.
  • Not least on the list, very trendy (and somewhat futuristic!) virtual reality displays are taking ground in actual reality. These mostly come in the form of headsets that transport their wearers to some kind of simulated realm. (Yes, it does look very bizarre at a tradeshow when there are all these people wearing strange goggles, showing interesting facial expressions and making odd movements that are senseless to onlookers in the real world!)

At Gawk, we specialise in – you have guessed it! – making people gawk. We are experts in creating displays that fulfil the ogle-worthy requirements needed for people to fall in love with your brand. With our wide range of display products and ability to customise, we could excellently take care of all your display needs.