One of the most mainstream modern-day marketing mantras goes like this:

Let us entertain you!

Entertainment marketing (also known as branded entertainment) entails the promotion of your business by means of amusement. This could be done, for example, through producing entertaining content (such as videos, blogs, memes, etc.) or by hosting entertainment events (such as concerts or sport days). And let’s not forget the very current trend of ‘’sadvertising’’ (those tear-jerker advertising campaigns that leave you thinking about the meaning of life, your purpose and where to sign up for the next cause, all while marketing something mundane like mints or face cream).

There is a good reason why this is a popular form of marketing. Any powerful promotional tool takes advantage of some primitive trait of human nature. (Yes, that is right: we are all quite simple and easily exploited – that is why marketing works.) In the case of entertainment marketing, we are being led by the nose through our desire to experience enjoyment (or emotion).

In today’s world, we are constantly being entertained. We have plenty of options to find amusement everywhere we go, yet we do not even have to leave the house (or office) – we could merely switch on a TV, computer, phone or device. It is even commonplace to find entertainment during a short loo break! We have grown so dependent on these frequent escapes from the stress and triviality of everyday life that it has become a very real addiction in our everyday lives (see Simon Sinek’s take on this in his now infamous Millennial interview – check it out from minute 3.15 onwards in the video). We crave these diversions and few people can still tolerate living through the “ordeal” of having a dull moment. Thus, we are very susceptible to fall for any offer of entertainment that comes our way. And clever marketers know how to step up into fulfilling this gap.

So, how exactly does amusement and marketing line up?

Amusement attracts attention

People will offer their concentration to something that offers a return on their investment (like their time and money often their time and money) in the form of enjoyment (i.e. entertainment), instant gratification (‘’I want it and I want it now’’ – just take online shopping, checking social media for likes, reaction and follows on a post or message, etc.) . And is that not the point of any marketing campaign – to draw attention to your brand? Thus, free entertainment is the bait that traps people to give your business at least a couple of seconds of their mind space.

Promote your popularity

People love stuff that makes them feel good. Therefore, if you can get people to experience pleasure, you forge a positive connection to your business. Entertainment is a great vehicle to accomplish this, as the very purpose thereof is to make people happy.

The perfect marriage between entertainment and marketing thus actually relies on a mechanism that shows how childlike the human psyche operates: Who would a kid like more – somebody who gives him candy or asparagus?

So, give your crowd candy…

Spawn social media shares

People of all ages like to show and tell. If you have given the people something they like, they are bound to tell their friends about it. By producing quality, amusing content that is shareable on social media platforms, you actually get the masses to do marketing on your behalf. This is a fun and cost-effective way to spread the word about your business (without necessarily even mentioning your product) and it is proven to deliver results.

Build brand awareness

People thrive on familiarity. Your creative content not only gives you the opportunity to amuse people, but also to tell them something about your brand; show them a bit of your personality.

Through your entertainment campaign, you will hopefully succeed to get people to pay attention to you, like you and share you – but on top of that, they might also feel like they know you. Almost like the time you shared a drink and a laugh with somebody and afterwards felt a bond of familiarity.

So, “hang out” with potential clients by entertaining them. When somebody is on friendly terms with you, they are more likely to buy your products or make use of your services.

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