Digital Printing

We utilise the latest latex print technology which has many advantages over older, solvent technology. Our prints are immediately ready to use as soon as they come off the printer, colours are richer and resolution more accurate than ever before.

Decor Applications

Wallpaper used to be a product that was restricted to prescribed designs and patterns. No longer. We can fully customise your wallpaper with any image or artwork supplied by you or created by us. And you’re not forced to do huge runs either. We can print a single panel, if that is all you need.

Commercial Applications

Digital printing is integral to print based marketing campaigns and can be utilised in many creative ways. With modern display systems and materials, prints are now easily interchangeable making campaign updates or brand changes simple to manage.

Self Adhesive Vinyl

An extremely versatile print medium with a host of applications.. As the staple substrate of digital printing, SAV is essentially an adhesive backed PVC film available in a matt or gloss finish.

Print and Cut Decals

Equipped with the latest in print and cut technology, we have the ability to manufacture full colour decals and stickers in any contour shape and up to 550 mm maximum width.

Dye Sub Printed Fabric

Fabric printing has revolutionised the advertising, marketing and display industry. As a print medium, fabric is virtually magical in its’ wealth of applications and versatility.

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