You may have spent a fortune on logo design, put endless thought into colour schemes, paid considerable attention to product quality, but have given your staff (who seemed really cheerful at the beginning) a mere gloss-over of customer relationship management, if any at all.

The bottom line is that the biggest interaction your customers will have with your brand will be that moment when they pick up the phone, make an appointment and hopefully close a deal with your sales team.

If one egg in the basket has so much as a whiff of dissention, resentment, boredom or general disagreeability, all your other efforts vanish instantly.

Brand image and attitude

The impact of attitude on the behaviour of others is fundamental to your brand image, so here’s a list of things to keep in mind:

  • Attitude rubs off on others – and in business that’s everyone from management to staff, to both existing and potential customers, as well as suppliers and investors.
  • A positive attitude is infectious (just as a negative one is) and exuding positive energy will make people feel good and want to do business with your company.
  • Make your staff feel that their contribution is valuable and that all decisions are teamwork. If your staff know and feel part of the vision and goals of your business, they will feel more invested.

Are you with me?

  • It’s important that your staff understand the value of attitude with regard to their jobs – and the fact that happy customers are the keys to their salaries. Any business dies (along with the jobs) if customers are not walking in through the door.
  • Emphasize the five steps to good attitude: respect, pride in work, commitment, innovation and helpfulness.
  • Always keep the lines of communication open with regular meetings, training sessions and appraisals.

Team spirit is the key to brand magic

  • At GAWK we understand that branding is a passion both on the part of our client and the service we provide them. Part and parcel of our offering remains the dedication, vision and passion of our team in delighting and surprising our clients – and their customers in turn. We see our service as a two-way street:
  • It’s important for us to maintain high levels of transparency. It really doesn’t do anyone any good if we promise the world and deliver the back yard! As difficult as it may be at times, we are extremely open with clients in terms of what we can and cannot do.
  • Once we commit, there is no going back. We see commitment almost as a sacred bond with our clients. They need to know that “we’ve got this and we will not let you down come hell or high water”.
  • Our biggest trait is that we are our own worst critics. We can be pretty hard on ourselves and invest great pride in what we produce. Clients realise this and they appreciate it. Clients see Gawk as a brand that can be trusted.
  • We have an in-house rule that we respond to clients online enquiries within the hour and revert with standard quotes within 3 hours and custom quotes within 48 hours. In a world of instant communication and gratification, this is the least clients expect and we strive to deliver on this promise daily.
  • We deal with issues as objectively as possible. If we are wrong, we absolutely admit it and resolve the situation as a matter of priority with the clients interests at heart. Sometimes, when a client is at fault, we try to lessen any negative effect by working to rectify the issue with the least impact on the client as possible.
  • Our fundamental driving factor is the fact that service is really about relationships. The more pleasant and helpful we can be with our clients, the more interest we have in them as people. And when we invest time to get to know people – the results are better for both the client and our service.

Experience the GAWK philosophy in action!

Gawk Visual Engineers create visual branding solutions to meet the requirements of marketing campaigns across a broad range of applications. Our versatile display product range, coupled with cutting-edge in-house design, development and production capability, has made us a vibrant and sought-after supplier in the industry.

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