When times are tough economically, marketers will look for ways to keep their brand alive and vibrant while reducing costs at the same time. One mistake made by many is to cut down on the outlay involved in display stands at trade fairs, expos or marketing events.

However important these functions are in good times, they become even more vitally important when sales are flagging. Granted, you may feel a little flamboyant to be putting your brand out there in bright lights during the pinch of a poor economy – perhaps even excessive. After all, you don’t want to make an exhibition of yourself.

Or do you?

Display stands have morphed into marketing tools geared to attract, grab attention, and draw a customer into the scintillating possibilities of better times. If they don’t buy now, you are pretty much ensuring they will buy later. Your stand – its design, colour and functionality – and thus its message – is one of the most important methods of not only connecting with your customers, but assuring them of value for money.

Trade shows are where you can offer your discounts, your specials, your samples and gifts – an opportunity for prospective customers to try out your products and to experience the world of your brand. The catch is – you want your display to look the part, innovative and leading edge – without leaving you reeling at the cost.

Solutions in style and clever invention

The truth is, your stand today – created from eye-catching modular tension-fabric – presents a sleek and sustainable solution for almost any environment. It promises to be portable, reconfigurable, versatile, easy to use, cost-efficient and reusable. And – well – simply good to look at. You can choose from a range of options, including amongst others: walls, towers, totem and portable booths.

Take the Straight Wall for instance. Our FSD wall is extremely versatile, modular, ultra-light and durable. It can be used interchangeably as a backdrop for interviews, corporate presentations, expos, in-store promotions and conferences. The pop-up straight wall has superior visibility and high visual appeal. They are easy to assemble and present a stylish backdrop for your tradeshow booth.

The Tower presents superior applications in tradeshows and exhibitions through to shopping centre promotions, and billboard signage. The systems work well in combination with other products and are available in standard and custom sizes. All components are manufactured in South Africa and they are easily replaceable.

Then you can choose the eye-catching Totem – excellent for in-store promotions and for trade shows. You can also use the totems as presentation backdrops or as Point-of-Sale displays. Totems are highly suited for highly interactive marketing, the units can be fitted with secure digital tablet enclosures to integrate technology with static displays. In this way totems become highly attractive information and marketing displays.

There’s no need to rent a package stand when you can have your own uniquely branded Portable Booths. With full colour interchangeable print on fabric, the booths are lightweight, modular in design and give you full control over your branding without the additional overhead of booth rental. The beauty of having your own designed booth means that its easy to set up, requiring no tools for installation and disassembling. It packs flat into wheel bags, enabling hassle-free transportation – and you can use it over and over again, as well as reconfiguring the layout. In addition, the booth is completely customisable for the fitting of LCD screens, shelving or any hanging requirements.

Making that buck go an extra mile

Extend your marketing strategy to include display when planning campaigns. It is perfectly feasible to enjoy the visual impact of a well-presented exhibition stand without compromising your budget. At Gawk Visual Engineers, we create visual branding solutions to meet the requirements across a broad range of applications. Our versatile product range, coupled with cutting-edge in-house design, development and production capability, and a reputation for continuing innovation, has made us a vibrant and sought-after supplier in the industry.

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