Today’s inseparable marketing duo, brands and print, sees equal partnership in the drive for powerful connection with consumers across multiple media. It seems obvious at first glance that one doesn’t exist without the other – but there’s been a quiet revolution in design strategy with regard to branding and what has become the new imperative of print.

The digital effect on design

With the rise of digital design and application, building brand images has taken a leap forward. How has digital impacted on your brand, your look, the feel of who you want to be and how you want to express that message to your audience? The truth is that it has had remarkable impact. Print creative design through digital has resurrected the power of brands – across all surfaces.

Digital has enabled the design process to become almost limitless in imagination – faster, clearer, more colourful, quickly adaptable, with an array of formats and typefaces that just boggles the mind. And because ideas come to fruition through one versatile control point, it allows printing to be programmed for any desired surface. You can print on paper, fabric, wood, walls, plastic, floors, and so on. There’s less fuss, faster turnaround, and fewer expensive blunders with the wrong colour. All this equals greater brand consistency.

Digital print and brand impression

Your brand in print is essential for business success, and your logo a powerful beacon in a sea of others clamoring for attention. The more places you can stamp visual brand identity, the more you create recognition and emotional connection – and digital gives you the opportunity to be more places more easily and quickly.

A brand image only has a few seconds to capture attention – it’s your one chance to impress. It has to be unique and outstanding. Therefore all aspects of the printed form of your brand have to work together to be effective and memorable. From choice of typography to artwork to colour to presentation, all must work as a coherent whole. Slick, detailed and dazzlingly innovative, digital design has provided the perfect route to effective brand presence.

The return of media

Because digital print enhances the customer-brand connect across many channels, it has allowed marketing to rediscover the power of media as a tool for brand reach. Print is coming back with the art of storytelling and the use of imagination and intrigue to make inspired emotional connection with consumers.

The challenge is to capture attention without looking as though you are focused on self-promotion. It’s an art – and print is the device that takes that art to market. Brands have found that they can tell stories anywhere – and the more unexpected the place, the better. Calendars, annual reports, labels, menus, carrier bags…the potential is endless. A logo alone is no longer enough – brands must print their journey, their values and raison d’etre, to create dynamic narratives of engagement.

Exhibitions – creating the experience of brands through the medium of print

Nowhere do you see greater evidence of this blend of brand personality and design purpose than at exhibitions, expos, conferences and trade shows. There is larger than life opportunity to emphasize the solidity of your brand – its sense of credibility, durability and legitimacy boldly printed across display stands that not only reflect elegancy of design in their own right, but provide broad canvas to entice customers into your brand world.

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