They say there’s no sentiment in business but in fact it’s sentiment that drives everything in business. Part of the problem in difficult economic times is that people expect things to be difficult. A downturn can be no more than negative reaction to an event that is unexpected or perceived to have merely the potential to be threatening. Shares are hurriedly sold, sales drop, companies downsize. And a ripple effect

Digital printing is not new but it takes strides in innovation and ever more adventurous applications every day. Printing from a digital-based image – files such as a PDF – directly to a variety of media, has opened up infinite possibilities for design, colour, surface options and impact. Testing the limits Digital has enabled the design process to become almost limitless in imagination – faster, clearer, more colourful, and speedily

A merger between two major players in the South African branding, exhibitions and display industries, Podd  and FSD is set to take place on 1 March 2016. The merged entity, that will be known as Gawk Visual Engineers, has a vision to become an industry innovator with a reputation for unparalleled service and delivery, yet remain completely approachable at all levels while genuinely taking their clients’ aspirations for branding success