On Tap TV is an on demand provider of internet streamed television series and movies. When their brand launched late in 2015, part of their campaign was to install pop-up lounges at major shopping malls, where the public could experience their product offering first hand.

  • We designed, manufactured and installed 2x FSD lounges that were utilised at Menlyn Mall and Cresta shopping centre.
  • The lounges were designed in such a way that they were easily accessible to mall traffic from all sides.
  • We accommodated a number of different devices (tablets, cell phones and laptops) which linked to 60 inch LCD screens mounted on FSD dividing walls.

Essentially what the client did was bring the ‘wired lounge’ to the public so that they could experience Internet TV first hand from a variety of devices.

This ‘try before you buy’ principle was critical to the client in order to:

a) iron out any doubts users may have with the service and
b) engage directly with consumers in order to glean valuable feedback for purposes of future development and or content.

How did FSD enhance the Internet TV concept?

Internet TV by nature relies heavily on technology and communications infrastructure to deliver a high end result to consumers.

Marketing Internet TV is challenging, especially in under-developed economies like South Africa, as the marketing channel relies on the same technology through which the product is delivered.

In under-developed economies users don’t trust the speed and redundancy of internet based services.

This is where static mediums of advertising come into their own as they are independent of wired technology.

By using FSD, we managed to create a three dimensional branded space that delivered the brand message and attracted visitors to the ‘lounge’ to experience the real deal.

Had we not created this environment that primed visitors for the experience to come, the campaign would not have nearly been as successful.