Digital printing is not new but it takes strides in innovation and ever more adventurous applications every day. Printing from a digital-based image – files such as a PDF – directly to a variety of media, has opened up infinite possibilities for design, colour, surface options and impact.

Testing the limits

Digital has enabled the design process to become almost limitless in imagination – faster, clearer, more colourful, and speedily adaptable, with an array of format and typefaces that just boggle the mind. It allows for printing on literally any desired surface. You can print on anything from paper, fabric, glass, plastic, wood, ceramic tiles to furnishings, flooring, window blinds, lampshades – and in any size you want.

Digital printers transfer four ink colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black – to paper simultaneously, producing a full-color print after only one pass through the printer – meaning that bulk printing is quicker and far more cost-efficient, producing a flat image without any texture. Digital is great for customized batch production, reducing unnecessary spend on the kind of quantities that the litho and flexographic processes demanded.

Fabric Dye Sublimation printing

Dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing technology using full color artwork that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates. With PVC being outlawed in many countries as a safety hazard, fabric dye sublimation printing is proving a far more advanced option from a health and safety perspective. It is more vivid in colour, lighter in weight and easy to fold and therefore easier to transport – which makes it perfect for tensioned fabric display systems and highly suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor branding and décor solutions.

Custom fabric dye-sublimation printing is a popular choice for exhibit and retail display designers and display solutions. It’s a process that ensures various fabrics retain their drape and soft feel. Dye-sublimation printing produces fabric prints that are odourless, colour bright and wrinkle resistant and can be washed and handled without harming the print.

Explore décor in a new light

Digital printing presents freedom across a multitude of décor applications in both commercial and residential properties. Architects and interior designers are always on the lookout for innovative and inspiring new materials and applications that bring a visual richness to décor without impacting on the environment. Digital decorative printing allows you to surround yourself with colour-enhanced experiences whether at work, at home, or anywhere that might benefit from uplifting and visually appealing design.

Businesses can become inspired workplaces, differentiated by the sheer impact of their own branded, full-wall displays. Retail can entrance shoppers to explore and experience merchandise in an environment that draws them in with bright, persuasive imagery. And homes can become more livable, more beautiful, more exciting.

The ability to customise the environment to an infinite choice of personal preference is simply mind-blowing.  There are seemingly endless possibilities to the richness of design, creativity, comfort, pleasure and impression. Whether you mass produce or individually customize, digital is a powerful tool for enhancement and influence.

  • Wallpaper: Once limited to prescribed designs and patterns, wallpaper is making a significant comeback with fully customised designs featuring any image or artwork you desire. Peel and stick options for specific areas are also available. Printed wallpaper is a fantastic way to enhance an interior, create a feature wall or simply have some fun indoors.
  • Wall tattoos: Die-cut decals can add fun and life to interior walls. You can transform a nursery with height charts, zoo animals, nursery rhymes, or music notes. For a more formal environment like a lounge or dining-room, you could have large format pictures that would create a feeling of the outdoors or the elegance of a classic painting. It’s cost effective and so simple to install, you can choose your spot and do it yourself.
  • Interchangeable Wall Art: Sometimes living with the same environment day in and day out can get boring. Instead of moving furniture around and repainting, you can simply use interchangeable wall art to completely transform a feature wall in your home or office without any disruption. Interchangeable wall art is fabric print based. Once the aluminum frame is installed – floor to ceiling if you like – you can change the fabric print whenever and to whatever you desire. Thanks to modern print technology, there’s no limit to colours or design. Originally developed for indoor billboards, these systems are being used more and more for enhancement in both home and office interiors.

The perfect storm of limitless imagination, digital sophistication and visual branding solutions

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