Display stands at expos, events, conventions have become works of artful engineering that present powerful opportunities for engagement and purchase. Canny design and versatile solutions have created extraordinary new avenues for marketing and branding that have only recently realised the remarkable potential of visual innovation.

Display and Design

  • Display is the physical form of content on the move and visual appearance affects 93% of all purchases. A display stand acts as the packaging: it provides an attractive visual along with touch and texture, and the opportunity to engage directly.
  • Viewers are awestruck, attracted like moths to a flame.
  • When we combine the power of intelligent design with useful purpose, we are igniting powerful emotion – the desire to possess.
  • Wherever and however you are communicating your brand, product, service, image, profile – it matters that you are connecting emotionally with the viewer.
  • Display at an event should be unique, focused, physical, in your face, 3-dimensional – and shown off in a way that enhances every nuance of your product.

Design and Functionality in Digital Kiosks

When impulse and rationale can be persuaded to meet it equals purchase. This is where design leverages fascination through cutting-edge technology and superb presentation of line, form and colour.

The combination of brilliant design and easy access to information is perfectly captured by the innovative trend of Digital Tablet Kiosks. Tablets bring content-based marketing to physical interactive environments, creating powerful promotional opportunities for pop-ups, product launches and exhibition stands to strengthen relationships beyond first encounters.

The Digital Tablet Kiosk is incredibly useful in the following ways:

  • Connects digital marketing with an event, retail or pop-up store and provides a seamless customer experience, thus enhancing purchasing potential
  • Highlights promotions and special offers at point-of-sale
  • Saves on the space and cost of a traditional kiosk at exhibitions
  • Allows you to capture customer details for future interaction
  • Provides consumers with an exciting, yet familiar way to explore a brand further 
  • Expands the marketing limits of an event environment
  • Provides an effective data capturing tool for marketing initiatives such loyalty schemes, competitions or surveys
  • Effortlessly engages the consumer in product demos and interactive presentations
  • Offers easy access to digital catalogues, surveys and competition sign-ups.

Function and Aesthetics

Appearance is as important as the function. Life-enhancing possibility wrapped in the shape, colour and gleam of clever conception is egocentrically satisfying. The edifying mix of design, useful application and appealing aesthetics work to influence customers’ minds in the following ways:

  • They see the product as helpful, improving their lives
  • They are persuaded to buy in an atmosphere of trust and credibility
  • Design, function, appearance and technical brilliance equals value in their eyes
  • The way design and function are presented serves to not only impress, but to broaden life experience, changing the way we live and operate, embodying lifestyle, dreams, ambitions, practicality and ease of living
  • Display brought into action on these three elements has enormous potential for influence.

Our vision is your vision

Gawk Visual Engineers create visual branding solutions to meet the requirements of marketing campaigns across a broad range of applications. Our versatile product range, coupled with cutting-edge in-house design, development and production capability, and a reputation for continuing innovation, has made us a vibrant and sought-after supplier in the industry.

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