The future of brick-and-mortar stores are on the line as online shopping gains more and more market share. Therefore, retailers making use of physical points of sale continually need to up their branding game to keep customers coming. This is exciting in a sense, as it forces stores to offer ever more satisfying experiences to walk-in shoppers. Here are a few branding trends that will increasingly arrive on the in-store

Your brand is your business’ look and personality. It is what attracts people to you and therefore essential to your success. Yet, many entrepreneurs tend to focus merely on perfecting their products or services, while believing that budget constraints would not allow for proper brand building. Big mistake! It’s like being okay with serving great quality wine in disposable cups. Few people want to taste something if it seems unappetising.

Corporate gifts are tokens generally given to major potential or existing customers or business partners to let them know you value them. It is therefore not offered as a reward or prize in an incentive programme or competition, since a true gift is not something you had to work for (a handy hint in romantic and business relationships alike). Many businesses may wonder whether Santa Claus strategies work when it


Aug 2017

Rise and Shine!

Your invite to the Breakfast Club at FESPA with GAWK Visual Engineers! In 2016 GAWK Visual Engineers constructed a coffee shop and gave away in excess of 500 coffees whilst showcasing the versatility of their revolutionary FSD System. Visitors were blown away, by what looked like face brick and wood, but was in fact printed fabric tensioned onto a FSD system. This year we are inviting clients and visitors to

Liquor City’s branding has been synonymous among the South African public for more than 20 years.. The decision for a rejuvenated brand was made to keep up with changing market trends as well as to carry the brand to its full potential. GAWK Visual Engineers was bestowed the honours and took on the job with great gusto.

Much debate has recently been going on in design and branding circles around whether “the logo is dead,” as British designer and brand consultant, Simon Manchipp, publicly claimed. But before we write our eulogies for this superstar of branding, let’s first see if it is not worthy to be placed on life support. The gun to the logo’s head So, why is the logo’s life threatened in the first place?

Humans are visual creatures. In fact, vision trumps all our other senses in our perception of the world. When we see something good-looking or interesting, our brains react to it. We are physiologically hard-wired to feel rewarded by beauty and motivated by novelty in our field of sight. When it comes to marketing, this visual disposition of mankind needs to be appreciated. (Yup, promotion is ultimately all about tapping into

Marketing is powered by the need to connect, inform and persuade. Much of it is about what we want to tell people and what we‘d like them to do once we’ve told them. But sometimes results fall short of what we desire; clever ads have flopped, brilliant campaigns have failed. At times we are left shaking their heads, wondering where we went wrong. There could be several reasons: Telling our

Vision and imagination in marketing We live in such a fast-changing world that the time needed to invent and initiate new experience becomes pressured and limited. Yet new is what the world demands – over and over. How do we constantly renew our experience of what is around us, what we already know and feel, and what we demand to be changed? How do we capture fleeting attention spans already

When times are tough economically, marketers will look for ways to keep their brand alive and vibrant while reducing costs at the same time. One mistake made by many is to cut down on the outlay involved in display stands at trade fairs, expos or marketing events. However important these functions are in good times, they become even more vitally important when sales are flagging. Granted, you may feel a