Jul 2016

Toys R Us

When it comes to retail marketing, it is well known that if you can convince a child about a product you want to sell, you’re 80% on the way to convincing their parents to open their wallet. There is nothing in the world that excites a child more than stepping into a toy shop, where their dreams, fantasies and aspirations can be found in all their tangible glory in one

On Tap TV is an on demand provider of internet streamed television series and movies. When their brand launched late in 2015, part of their campaign was to install pop-up lounges at major shopping malls, where the public could experience their product offering first hand. We designed, manufactured and installed 2x FSD lounges that were utilised at Menlyn Mall and Cresta shopping centre. The lounges were designed in such a

They say there’s no sentiment in business but in fact it’s sentiment that drives everything in business. Part of the problem in difficult economic times is that people expect things to be difficult. A downturn can be no more than negative reaction to an event that is unexpected or perceived to have merely the potential to be threatening. Shares are hurriedly sold, sales drop, companies downsize. And a ripple effect